COVID-19 Global Sentiment

Wave 4: Consumer Perceptions of COVID-19 Global Sentiment

April 3rd – April 8th, 2020

Contents of this wave’s report:

  • Timing & concern
  • Optimism: Government actions are having immediate impact on consumer impact
  • What will signal that it’s “over”?
  • A peek inside: How would you define yourself today?
  • What people are enjoying having time to do

PLUS – Best and most trusted sources of information.

Download a PDF copy of the report here.


Consumers increasingly believe that Coronavirus will not be ‘over’ within 3 months

63% of Americans believe that Coronavirus will still be a concern until 25th of September or longer; in Wave 1, only 47% of respondents believed Coronavirus would pose a significant concern for longer than 3 months. 

Consumer trends from Canada and Australia provide compelling evidence that people can and will change their perceptions and intentions with positive news

29% of Australians indicate they are “severely concerned” about their personal financial situation, but this is an improvement of -10% vs. weeks prior; likewise, the percentage of people who indicate they are “not concerned at all” has risen considerably (+16%)

For Australians, major health and vaccine announcements and going back to work will signal the end of COVID-19

Australians are generally waiting on announcements from the government as their indicators of things returning to normal. By contrast, Canadians are looking specifically for the elimination of social distancing restrictions and the reopening of all business.

    People define themselves as dealing with a range of positive and negative emotions

    … a sizeable segment are ‘friendly’ & ‘happy’, evidence of the ‘all-together’ mindset.


      (North America only) – In their words: North Americans share what they enjoy having time to do because of the Coronavirus

        Walking in the neighborhood, Watching movies at home, Sleep, Spring Cleaning, Drinking more, Staying home, Spend time with the family, Cooking, Relaxing, Reading

      In Australia, The News and the WHO are the top 2 best – most reliable sources of information (Unaided)

        This is significantly different from the US, where the CDC overwhelmingly is the most trusted source of Coronavirus communication.

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