COVID-19 Global Sentiment

Wave 1: COVID-19

March 2 – March 12th, 2020

COVID-19 Consumer Report provides an overview of:

  1. When people expect the Coronavirus will no longer be a health issue in their country.
  2. What percentage of the population do not believe ‘there is really any issue today.’
  3. Unaided what people have stopped doing in the wake of COVID 19.
  4. Consumer intentions around travel, restaurant visits, events, shopping and getting together in the next 3 months.
  5. The impact of the virus and day to day realities on people’s lifestyle  with comparisons to the 2008 recession for context.

Download the report for the Australian market and the US here!


People’s perception of when COVID-19 will no longer be a concern

Based on n=8000 interviews, the average global perceived end date of the immediate impact of COVID-19 is July 30th, with significant variance between countries.

Percentage of people that believe that Coronavirus ‘is really not an issue today’

As of March 11th, 19% of consumers feel that COVID-19 does not have a significant impact on their daily lives.

What have you stopped doing due to Coronavirus? (Unaided)

As of March 11th, 75% of Australians, 85% of US citizens, 55% of Canadians have not stopped doing anything as a result of Coronavirus.

Consumer intentions – next 3 months

The greatest impact on travel will be suppressing travel outside of people’s country, but there will also be significantly less travel outside of state/province, city and even outside of home. There will also be significant impact on visitation to restaurants/bars, physical activity outside of the home & getting together with friends and family.


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