What We Believe

Fundamentally we believe that every client and category is unique. When working on a project we are led by our conversations, our experience and a series of guiding principles.

Our values define what is important. Our attitudes shape the way we work and live.

It’s all just common sense, but you know what they say about that…

Our Values

Respect for the Truth

“As simple as possible, never simpler.”

Respect for the Truth

At IMI, we believe that our job is to uncover and communicate the truth about consumer behaviour. The question is “how”?  The tools of marketing research can be very simple or quite complex so there are always choices to be made. Our guideline is to choose the simplest tool for the job, but never simpler.

If we over-simplify, we uncover half-truths and the results can be misleading.

If we over-complicate, we have made everyone’s life harder than necessary.

So, we will always be as simple as possible without sacrificing the integrity of the work.

You get what you need in the simplest way possible. We call it the ‘Minimum Viable Product’ Solution.

Respect for your Time

“Take the time to write a shorter letter!”

Respect for your Time

Every client is unique but perhaps the one universal truth for all clients is a shortage of time. Everyone is very, very busy.

We believe in making your life easier. We take the time to “write you a shorter letter” (email, proposal, report, presentation), because we know you don’t have time to read a long rambling one.

Respect for your Needs

“Put the user first, then make it fast”

Respect for your Needs

One of the biggest concerns when buying research is “will they deliver what I want”. At IMI, we live by the Google Principle … put the user first, and make it fast … to ensure you get what you want, when you want it.

We take the time (but not too much of your time!) to understand what you want, and then figure out the fastest way to deliver it. Our industry can be so infatuated “value-adds” that the basics get lost. We love to be useful by doing what we said we would do.

Our promise is:
1. We will work with you to understand your needs
2. We will deliver what we say we can
3. We will work well with you and your team

Respect for Quality

“Flawless at the basics”

Respect for Quality

We understand our responsibility to “get it right”. We strive to be flawless at the basics, asking the right questions, so that you will be confident in the quality of our work.

The heart of the challenge is the speed-accuracy trade-off. Working efficiently is mission critical but rushing is when mistakes can happen and key insights can be missed. Our solution is:

• Keep projects as simple as possible
• Focus on what you actually want
• Keep our senior staff involved
• Build technology solutions

We deliver high-quality work much faster than you might expect.

Respect for People

“No one has ever become poor by giving”

Respect for People

We believe there is nothing more important than treating people with kindness and respect. That includes ourselves, our clients, industry partners, survey respondents, communities and beyond.

Our promise to the people we meet is to:

  1. Listen
  2. Care
  3. Help make life a little easier, better, or more enjoyable

This is a bold claim and we don’t expect you to believe a website. However, for people who already know us, these words will come as no surprise.

Not-for-profits and charities, please ask about IMI’s Insight For Good initiatives.

Our Attitudes


“A failure to search is a failure to find”


Uncovering insight is a blend of effort and skill. Sometimes an insight jumps at you but more often it is hidden from view.

For this reason, IMI’s analysts share a common attitude – a natural curiosity to keep searching. And when curious analysts are equipped with the right tools for the job, insight can be found even in the sneakiest of hiding places.

Creative Spirit

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

Creative Spirit

People sometimes ask us why a (boring) quantitative research agency needs to be creative.

The answer is that the world doesn’t need another boring quantitative research agency and a healthy dose of creativity is what transforms “numbers on a page” into insight that is inspiring and meaningful.        

Creativity allows us to uncover novel connections in data (the basis of consumer insight). Creative communication grabs people’s attention and allows an insight to live on within a business.

Of course, creativity is easier said than done. That’s why one of the most exciting things for IMI is the people who bring original ways of thinking and doing.


“Minds are like parachutes;
they work better 
when open”


A close cousin of creativity is being open to different ways of thinking, doing and being. Maintaining an open-mind allows us to listen effectively, design the most suitable research for the task and find unexpected insights in the data. In fact, being open-minded improves everything we do.

Put simply, keeping an open-mind is what allows your needs to become our priority.

Love of Design

“The devil is in the detail”

Love of Design

We are fans of our clients’ work. We love a great insight, but we also love the inspired use of copy, art, font, colour, composition, symbolism, music, humour and all the little details that transforms that insight into a break-through campaign.

In a small way, we strive to incorporate those same creative cues in our work to be as clear and engaging as possible. Everyone has a preferred style, so we are flexible about how things look and feel.

User first, make it fast … and be “on point”.


“Laughter is the best medicine.”


At IMI we take our work very seriously … buuuttt we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

We believe that laughter is the best medicine and that it is possible to have fun while working well. We choose to be laidback about things that don’t really matter (yes, we often wear shorts at the office) so that we have more energy to focus on things that do (like delivering great work on time).

It’s a bit unconventional, but we hope it won’t always be.

We are advocates of work-life balance for all. To us, this means enjoying life while we work and not just after the workday is done.

We'd love to hear from you!

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