Insight. Driving. Profit.

Successful companies know their purpose and have smart, efficient means to meet their customer’s needs. Great market research is no different. It achieves a laser-sharp understanding of the business and research needs, and is smart and efficient about how to uncover insights that make a difference.

IMI’s brand of market research is a blend of strong communication, industry expertise, and commitment to the cause. Good people doing great work for clients we care about. It’s research worth doing.

We call it insight, driving, profit.

It’s more than just numbers…

What is market research? Data, statistics, metrics, models, norms … numbers. Yes, but not really. Market research is about people. As a fully awesome market research company based in Melbourne, IMI is dedicated to understanding and serving people.

You’re unique, and what you do is unique

Fundamentally, we believe that every client and category is different.  When working with you, we are led by our open conversations, our collective experience, and a series of guiding principles.

Our values remind us what is important.  Our attitudes shape the way we work and live.  It’s all just common sense, but you know what they say about that…

Smart. Loveable. 

That’s how we describe ourselves. At IMI, we believe a person’s heart is just as important as their head.

We also have A TONNE of collective experience as marketers and marketing researchers so we know how to harness our thoughtful, smart, fun-ness to serve you better.

We'd love to hear from you!

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